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 Because I'm stress out so I did this (excuse)
Found this in twitter 

50 Kpop Questions (since it's kpop so I'm going to limit with only kpop acts)

1. Who was your first ultimate bias? as far as I remember, Jung Yonghwa
2. What was the first kpop group you stanned? CNBLUE (obviously reason why I'm in Kpop, I used to dislike any korea something and prefer Japan lol)
3. The first kpop mv you saw? I forgot but I guess Gee(?) my college friend showed it to me back in 2008 or 2009 and I was like what the hell are they (I love them now XD)
4. Do you prefer girl groups or boy groups? boy
5. How long have you liked kpop? 7 years
6. Who is your ult group now? CNBLUE
7. Who is your ult bias now? Jung Yonghwa forever
8. Do you stan more than one group? Yes, obviously
9. Have you ever had a dream about your bias? If so, what was it about? Yes in the past I dreamt about yonghwa few times, forget what kind of dream tho
10. Have you ever been to a concert, hi-touch, or fansign? Yes
11. Have you ever been to Korea? No, praying I can go in near future
12. Have you met friends because of kpop? Yes, mostly because of YongSeo
13. Have you made a kpop fan account on any sns? nope, too lazy
14. Who is your favorite kpop mutual/friend? (If you have any) Hmmm all my goguma chingu is my favorite tho XD
15. What was your first opinion of kpop? ewww... (I remember I don't like CNBLUE's I'm a loner at first and kind of underestimate them)
16. If you could disband a group to bring back a disbanded group, who would you make disband and who would you bring back? nothing good about disbanding, so no.
17. Do you like girl groups? yes, few of them (mostly those which around during 2010-2011)
18. Do you like boy groups? YES
19. Out of the top 3 companies, which one would you replace to make a not-so-famous company prosper? they'll famous when their times come
20. Do you own any kpop albums? How many? What albums? Yes, mostly CNBLUE but not complete
21. What is your least favorite kpop group? Why? Hmmm... I don't care about those I don't listen to
22. Has an idol influenced your life in any way? Did they inspire to change anything in your life? Who? They are my source of energy
23. Top 5 Boy Groups? like how to choose only 5... 1. CNBLUE 2. BTOB 3. FTISLAND 4. Highlight (beast), Infinite, Day6, Ukiss, B.A.P
24. Top 5 Girl Groups? 1. SNSD
25. Do you stan any underrated groups? Who? NFLYING
26. Do you like anyone who likes your bias as well? not always
27. What is your favorite kpop mv? I don't remember MV but I love FTI's treasure MV
28. Do you own any lightsticks? What group(s)? nope
29. Do you listen to Japanese or Chinese versions of songs? Japanese
30. Do you prefer Japanese or Chinese versions? Japanese
31. Do you own more than one kpop album? How many? (I have like 15) yes, not sure how many
32. Do you have any group's complete discography? What group? none
34. Do you have any friends that can speak Korean? Nope
35. What groups do you want to see live? The same answer as 23, 24, 25
36. Do you stan any first generation groups? Who? Shinhwa
37. Do you watch kdramas? Of course
38. What country is your ult bias from? Korea
39. Where do you live? Do others in your country like kpop? Ina, a lot I guess but still tiny compare to the whole population (?)
40. BTS or EXO? listen to BTS and exo song in the past
41. Do you respect girl groups? yes
42. Do you respect boy groups? yes
43. Favorite Korean variety show? none at the moment (before it was running man and superman)
44. If you were to show someone a kpop mv for the first time, what mv would you show? any of CNBLUE's and BTOB's MV
45. Do you listen to KHH? no
46. Opinion on girl groups? Some of them have great vocals and powerful but sometime I'm not fond of the cutey concept
47. Opinion on boy groups? too much boy groups lol
48. Can you watch Oh My Girl's Coloring Book MV? If I ever have an interest
49. Would you travel to any other country just to see your favs? maybe
50. Favorite era of your ult group(s)? 2010-2011

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Well... [livejournal.com profile] minamiangel asked me about encoding, and since I was afraid it will get too long and confusing, so I made this post. Hope it can help those who want to hardsub or encode a raw file.

I've been using a lot of software since way back, including winXHD (my earliest software converter), freemake, handbrake, avidemux, meGUI, xvid4psp, virtual dub, including all the joiner and cutter software like mkv cutter, mp4 splitter, mp4 joiner and some other software I tried out. I'm going to make a tutorial about the software I've used, free, and easy.
First, since [livejournal.com profile] minamiangel used it for hardsub so I'll talk about it. I first used virtual dub to hardsub stuff (before [livejournal.com profile] sweet_pleione told me to use xvid4psp which is what I'm going to make a tutorial next). Virtual dub, need some external dll file like textsub, and if your raw source is in mkv or mp4 it also need another external dll since I think it only accepted avi (and ts?). At least that was the case when I used it years ago. Virtual dub, give a big file with standard quality (being an avi as result), even if the result is good the file will ended up big. My motto to encode is trying to convert the file as small as possible with the best quality, haha.

So, now to xvid4psp 5, It's the best encoding software I used so far for both encoding hardsub and raw. Not that it's perfect but I still think the quality is the best with the smallest possible size. The main flaw is it might take a really long time if your pc is just standard or low in specs. If you have high RAM and other specs with your pc, don't worry it get faster or you can adjust the setting. But it gives good result because it works slow lol.

You can download xvid4psp 5.10.346, I forgot where I downloaded it. There is 7 series but I think this one is better, since people say so. You can try downloading here (it has few update, but I haven't update mine) or you can try googling around. After you are done with the installation, the appearance is like this, make sure yours is the same.


now, click open button (or you can choose from file menu). You can pick one file or you can pick multiple files at once.

It can read most of all video type, mkv, mp4, avi, ts, mpeg, flv, etc. But make sure the title file is in romaji because it can't read title with chinese and japanese character.

If you plan to encode only one file, click one of the file. Please note, if the file is ts or mpeg, it will takes sometime to load (the longer the duration, the longer the loading). But for mkv and mp4 it won’t take long.

The result is like this, the queue for encoding will be in the red box, if you put one file it won’t move to queue list if you didn’t put it (File-> Add task…-> choose the destination folder), so beware if you are going to load another file because the previous one might not in queue and gone if you didn’t put it in queue

If you are loading multiple files, they will automatically added to list, but first please assigned the destination folder for multiple list

Now to encode…
As you from the caps before above, the resolution is 1440x880, it’s the default when you load a ts with 1440 x 1080 resolution. You can change it in video menu Resolution/Aspect.

You can change the output aspect, but better let it be the same with input aspect. I usually use 16:9 aspect ratio. I never use the rest of the setting but if you want to do some cropping or give black border, you can give value to each of the button.
You can change the fps if you want (but I don’t recommend since it tend to make the video and audio become out of sync, or maybe because I didn’t set it right). You can change it in video-> interlace/framerate

Now, you can choose which container you want to make, mkv, mp4, avi. In xvid4psp there are a lot of version for some phone, Nintendo, bluray, ts, etc. You can choose from the dropdown

(the capture somehow couldn't load the video in the preview! sorry!)

Or choose the gear icon, beside it if you want to make your own setting. I don’t recommend if you don’t know the right setting (and I never use it)
I never use filtering and color correction, so I always set it as ‘disable’
The video encoding, you can choose from the many choice in the dropdown or you can make your own setting by clicking the gear icon. I always encode to x264. You can try encoding to x265 but it will take longer although the quality should be better compare to x264. But some people still couldn’t load x265 properly in their pc (x265 makes the pc work harder despite how good the file was with really small size X”D)

I always use custom, in encoding mode I use constant quality since I’m going to use CRF. The CRF is the main factor which will make your output file good, big or not. When I encoded from a ts files or HD mkv/mp4 files or a good bluray files, I always use CRF=25 because it already give good files (you can check my encode, most of them were encoded with this setting). But if your raw source is not so good, you might want to lower the CRF (the bigger the CRF, the quality is lower and the size lower). When I encoded from dvd rip, I usually use 20/21 (480p) or 23 (720p) because dvd rip quality has its limit (but if your resolution is 1280x720 and you use CRF 20, it might give big file as well)
I set the profile to auto(high) so it could maintain the high quality of the raw source. You can change it to other setting of course.
For level I used unrestricted, means the software will decide whether to use which level according to the file (usually resolution? If resolution is 720p or higher, it’s always level 4). You can pick level 4, standard for high quality. Sometime 3.1 is good as well (depend of the raw source).
For tune, I used animation (or you might want to change it to film)
Because it used CRF, the result always depend on the content of the videos. Videos with bright content and a lot of color (and some other variables I still didn’t know) will make the file get bigger. I think it’s okay since it maintain the quality.
You can change the codec preset to fast, very fast, ultrafast or even slow. I usually use medium (that’s why I said it will take a long time if your pc is not with good specs). The faster you set, the faster the encoding, the bigger the file and the quality is not that good. The slower, the quality is higher and file is smaller but I think very fast is nice too (again depend on the videos)
I didn’t change the rest of the sub video menu so you can leave it or try changing it just to see the result.
And then the audio… again you can choose from the dropdown. I choose AAC-LC ABR 192k, if you think the audio isn’t good you can set it higher in the bitrate

For adding sub, you can choose subtitle menu -> add

Once, you put it in, you can check the result (if the result would be good or not by playing it)

Now, you just have to click encode and wait for it to finish.

If you want to cut some frame (because there’s cm or stuff) you can trim it, but it only works for beginning and the end of vid so if you want to cut the middle part you have to open multiple same file and trim them accordingly.
To cut, you can use the slider, to find the exact frame you want to remove, once you find it, click set start (and set end if you trim the end of the file) and then click apply trim.

The good thing about xvid4psp is there are other tools you can use, such as virtual dub, mkv merge and if you know about avisynth, you can make your own script.

Sometime, if your raw is a ts and there are glitch, the output will have out of sync video. When that happened I always use handbrake. Handbrake use CRF as well, so the setting is about the same. It just I think handbrake result is not as good as xvid4psp.
Another software for hardsub is meGUI, I rarely use this but you can make a embedded softsub if you encode it to mkv (it’s not softsub but it’s include in the file, you can enable and disable it). If you want to make hardsub, you just need to encode it to mp4. My meGUI is acting up so I’m not going to make the tutorial.

That’s it, hope it help \o I'm a bit dizzy at the moment, so I'm sorry if there are not clear stuff, just ask me if you have question.
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I know a community has released this, but I've working on this since last year (literally) and because things happen, I finish this few days ago and since it's a waste if i didn't post it so yeah.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] opalhime for the translation and my friend to beta this but again, forgive us if there are mistakes~

link : 51.5Mb
softsub is available in my raw post either lj / my comm / [livejournal.com profile] konbannu, fit with the raw i shared or the TS files.

Do not reupload anywhere else! As usual, will stay open since it's short until I find it inconvenience~

Anyone willing to translate some Yuto's recent appearances?
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Another short subbed videos. This time is Yuto on Bibitto. He was with Pink and Gray's director. [livejournal.com profile] narqissa managed to translate it earlier (in the middle of her trip to Surabaya, thank you XD) and since it's short I managed to sub this as well.
Yuto is so damn cute... (like he always be and I always say).

Size : 28.2Mb
Duration : 01:27
Translation by [livejournal.com profile] narqissa
Timing/Typeset/Encoding : me
RAW : yuto1993
Hardsub : Indonesia | English

if you wish for the raw, it available in the mega folder of PnG screening event I shared before.

Because it's short, this post will stay open (until I find it inconvenience).
Please don't reupload this anywhere!
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I saw [livejournal.com profile] opalhime's translation in her tumblr, and somehow want to make a subbed video (I have a thing with Girl!Yamada) so I asked her if I could use her translation (and for her to translate the narration as well). So here is the result...

I'm not good with timing and/or typesetting so I'm sorry if there are some mistakes and [livejournal.com profile] opalhime said that the translation might not accurate since some parts are hard to translate to English. So... please pardon us for any possible mistake :p

Please don't reupload this video anywhere else!
This post will stay open until i find it inconvenience and/or if there are some troubles.

Duration : 53s
Size : 15Mb
raw source : 湮3259812


Nov. 7th, 2015 08:31 am
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(put this as pinned post again)

momo here~

I made a new community several days ago [livejournal.com profile] aoironosora (not a subbing community, my subbing community is only [livejournal.com profile] ultrasubspower, which is a bahasa only subbing community)
I'll crosspost all my links to [livejournal.com profile] aoironosora slowly~

Yuto-only related stuff are usually crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] konbannu but some stuff with jump aren't

Drama/movie (of JUMP member) are usually crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] hey_say

PS : Currently not adding back, but may add/add back people if I feel comfortable enough with the person.
PSS : if you send me message, please don't set your message setting as private. I can't reply!

Thank you~
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In case there are some Indonesian who still didn't know that we (some friends and I) are creating a new subbing community for JUMP in Bahasa Indonesia.
Please welcome [livejournal.com profile] ultrasubspower /throws confetti/

Our first release is JUMQ and the post is currently open. We are working on the next project right now. Please join and support us!

PS : If you are not Indonesian but knows Bahasa or have understanding in it, feel free to join as well XD
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