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 Because I'm stress out so I did this (excuse)
Found this in twitter 

50 Kpop Questions (since it's kpop so I'm going to limit with only kpop acts)

1. Who was your first ultimate bias? as far as I remember, Jung Yonghwa
2. What was the first kpop group you stanned? CNBLUE (obviously reason why I'm in Kpop, I used to dislike any korea something and prefer Japan lol)
3. The first kpop mv you saw? I forgot but I guess Gee(?) my college friend showed it to me back in 2008 or 2009 and I was like what the hell are they (I love them now XD)
4. Do you prefer girl groups or boy groups? boy
5. How long have you liked kpop? 7 years
6. Who is your ult group now? CNBLUE
7. Who is your ult bias now? Jung Yonghwa forever
8. Do you stan more than one group? Yes, obviously
9. Have you ever had a dream about your bias? If so, what was it about? Yes in the past I dreamt about yonghwa few times, forget what kind of dream tho
10. Have you ever been to a concert, hi-touch, or fansign? Yes
11. Have you ever been to Korea? No, praying I can go in near future
12. Have you met friends because of kpop? Yes, mostly because of YongSeo
13. Have you made a kpop fan account on any sns? nope, too lazy
14. Who is your favorite kpop mutual/friend? (If you have any) Hmmm all my goguma chingu is my favorite tho XD
15. What was your first opinion of kpop? ewww... (I remember I don't like CNBLUE's I'm a loner at first and kind of underestimate them)
16. If you could disband a group to bring back a disbanded group, who would you make disband and who would you bring back? nothing good about disbanding, so no.
17. Do you like girl groups? yes, few of them (mostly those which around during 2010-2011)
18. Do you like boy groups? YES
19. Out of the top 3 companies, which one would you replace to make a not-so-famous company prosper? they'll famous when their times come
20. Do you own any kpop albums? How many? What albums? Yes, mostly CNBLUE but not complete
21. What is your least favorite kpop group? Why? Hmmm... I don't care about those I don't listen to
22. Has an idol influenced your life in any way? Did they inspire to change anything in your life? Who? They are my source of energy
23. Top 5 Boy Groups? like how to choose only 5... 1. CNBLUE 2. BTOB 3. FTISLAND 4. Highlight (beast), Infinite, Day6, Ukiss, B.A.P
24. Top 5 Girl Groups? 1. SNSD
25. Do you stan any underrated groups? Who? NFLYING
26. Do you like anyone who likes your bias as well? not always
27. What is your favorite kpop mv? I don't remember MV but I love FTI's treasure MV
28. Do you own any lightsticks? What group(s)? nope
29. Do you listen to Japanese or Chinese versions of songs? Japanese
30. Do you prefer Japanese or Chinese versions? Japanese
31. Do you own more than one kpop album? How many? (I have like 15) yes, not sure how many
32. Do you have any group's complete discography? What group? none
34. Do you have any friends that can speak Korean? Nope
35. What groups do you want to see live? The same answer as 23, 24, 25
36. Do you stan any first generation groups? Who? Shinhwa
37. Do you watch kdramas? Of course
38. What country is your ult bias from? Korea
39. Where do you live? Do others in your country like kpop? Ina, a lot I guess but still tiny compare to the whole population (?)
40. BTS or EXO? listen to BTS and exo song in the past
41. Do you respect girl groups? yes
42. Do you respect boy groups? yes
43. Favorite Korean variety show? none at the moment (before it was running man and superman)
44. If you were to show someone a kpop mv for the first time, what mv would you show? any of CNBLUE's and BTOB's MV
45. Do you listen to KHH? no
46. Opinion on girl groups? Some of them have great vocals and powerful but sometime I'm not fond of the cutey concept
47. Opinion on boy groups? too much boy groups lol
48. Can you watch Oh My Girl's Coloring Book MV? If I ever have an interest
49. Would you travel to any other country just to see your favs? maybe
50. Favorite era of your ult group(s)? 2010-2011


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